Seven is a very special game to me. Because it was the first thing that i've made which I could call a finished game.
I was very unexperienced when I was working on it and therefore it has A LOT of questionable game design choices.
That's why I am currently remaking this game from scratch to publish it on Steam.

Seven is a cryptic experimental puzzle game. I can describe it as a mix of Antichamber and Cicada 3301.
To beat the game you need to find all 7 items(numbers) by solving abstract puzzles.
I used to call those puzzles "complicated" but now i just say that they were poorly designed.

If you want to play the game here is a link for you, BUT! I really don't want you to play it because it might give you a wrong impression of what Seven:Reboot is going to look like.

If you still want to play it please be aware of the following points: I know that the game is kinda bad; The remake will be 10 times better; You can't solve some of the puzzles not because you are not smart, but because I was dumb to make them that way.


It would help a lot if you would add Seven:Reboot to your steam wishlist. Or you can just check out the page

Screenshots from the original Seven:


Waiting for...

quero key

RANDOMNUMBER Ignore the there spot it could be there for the secret ending or just a troll now what you want to do is move the cube up 5 times then 2 right right underneath where you will spawn in the main room and exit the room and enter any room doesn't matter and exit you will spawn in the main room now try to land on the cube and jump up and you will enter room 7

in seven i move the cubic to the "there"spot and it not opening a passage to the seven room do i need to do something plz help

I realis that....i've also made a game with the same physics....DID YOU MAKE THAT ON GAMEMAKER?!?!?

Lucien Aartoli
looks good! :)

Jerome Tolentino
to homepage only

Jerome Tolentino
guys right click and click inspect scroll anywhere and youll find a secret message good luck!

i don't understand what to do with the diagrams pls help i did everything and it not working

Stop! Игра будет про будущее ?

Cake IS a lie. >:D

looks good

love it!!!!!!!!

Miguel Artur


great game haven't finished...yet but i am stuck on room 5 with the diragarm i got the + and - card and know what to do but it not working I serced eveywhere and nouthing plz help

So I made it, I got all the numbers (except the 7), so I have to turn off the PC. After I came back and loaded the game I couldn't go to the secret room with the 3,4,3,1 combination, the buttons disappeared and I can't finish the game! Is it a bug?

Lash Shy
Это было сложно, но обе концовки я все-таки получил

Hello worlds

I am desperate - I made it to room 7, I got the code, even the secret code.. but no combination will work! I tried everything.. and the Hint box wont give any more hints :(

leonardo maciel
I'm stuck on the stage 5

One of the best god damn puzzles i have ever played

The game did not run

Hi, I just finished your game and I'm a huge fan. I read how people gave you a lot of hate for this game, but ignore them because it was great. I also enjoyed the secret ending, as confusing as it was! Can't wait for the remake, and I hope you are able to get this on steam!

Mrcreativschik (тот самый Mrlowyaw)
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cake is not a lie