Welcome to my little blog page. Here I am probably going to post some important news. I am not going to write here EVERYTHING that I am doing, so don't expect there to be a lot of massages. But you still might find something interesting here.

OKAY! This page have been staying like this for a long time and i have a lot of things to say!

First of all Seven finaly got GreenLight! You can't believe how happy i am right now. I've put my heart and soul in this game and now i can finally release it. But I am not going to release it just the way it is. I would like to remakу the entire game. Let's be honest... Seven came out pretty bad. The game will have better graphics, original soundtrack by TheSSJhere(at least i think so. He said that he whould like to work with me on this game), more player-friendly puzzles, simply MORE PUZZLES, better animations, secrets, stroy, steam integration, and more. Sooo... we have a lot of work to do.

Secondly I am thinking of releasing Loading Screen Simulator to steam. Just to learn how steam works. I want Seven to take off well this time, so it would be a smart idea to figure out how to distribute your game.

Thirdly There there is a views counter on the website. It is currently private. I was very surprised to know that LSS gets around 35 unique views daily. That is so cool! but stupid at the same time. This game is so bad XD. Go play my other games.

Fourthly The website have been hacked by some angry teen. He managed to do some crazy creative damage to the site. Here is a video of the site before i fixed everything.

I am probably forgot to say something but that's it for the time being. I will start working on the games in the beginning of the summer.

Have a nice day

A couple of weeks ago I made a fun little android game. It is called Unlockers. The point of the game is to hack a lock using an information given to you in the hints. There are around 15 levels now, I think.
One of the best features of this game, is a level editor. You can make your own locks, your own small puzzles. Check it out, it is fun and challenging

Lock editor

Somebody may know that I was participating in Ludum dare. And I actually failed. On the third day I rage quitted gave up. I had around 40% of the game finished but it wasn’t enough to finish the game in time. The game was going to be about making tools in middle ages. Melting metals, shaping them on the anvil, and more. Here is some pixel art that I have managed to make in the first day.Click. Don’t expect me to finish this project. It is not very original and fun to play, as it turned out.

This is a message to the one hour game jam streamers. Since the first stream i wanted to say this. The idea and the community of the jam is amazing and its the best motivation to make games. Every week i wake up at 6 am to make a game. it is a very difficult challenge, and i like it more and more. BUT! What happends in the end, at the stream? One of streamers is playing all of the games with an expression on their face like they are forced to do it. Also they providing nearly zero commentary for the games, that is also not cool. Devs were trying there best to make good games, and in the end they see... this... I mean realy, please, cheer up! But when more streamers are coming to the stream, it is slowly getting more interesting.

So... what am i trying to say. Please dont be that depressed when playing jam's games. Or stream only with 2 or more people(I like Liam Lime, cool dude) And please comment what you think about the game.

That is my message. I wish you all good luck, and more creative ideas!

Hello World!
First blog! Yay!
Today I decided to upgrade this website. I have added 2 new pages. 1hgj page and this blog page and some other little things.
Currently I am working on a very cool game. Not sure if I should write about it here, I am not going to spoil anything about it yet. Just wanted to let you know that I am doing something.


Good design, good games... Good site! (Для тех, кому лень переводить) Хороший дизайн, хорошие игры... Хороший сайт!


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I look forward to the new and improved Seven! Keep up the good work, and also congrats on your LSS gem. :) It's super fun and really think you underestimate how people -sometimes- like mindless, funny games. The best games tell a story that people can relate to, and LSS did just that. ^_^ -Mommy Medic


I really enjoyed Loading Screen Simulator on Steam. :)

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The game is so boring that i read the entire website xD No seriously thi is good to know what projects do you have and having your point of view of things is funny.


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