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Can you please stop asking irrelevant stuff?
If you want to say something like "Hi! Hows it goin'?" or (insert any meme here) just write it there

That Secret is still there?
Yes but the beta test is over and finding the secret won't give you anything

Will Seven:Reboot be released any time soon? Because on Steam it says: RELEASE DATE: 8 Aug, 2019
No. I am still working on it. I have no idea when it will be released

was the loading screen simulator a joke? or a actual game?

Doobydoobydabbadoobydabadooda bedigabibblebede, It's a secret! how to achieve i'm stupid
It's a secret

What do you hope for your games to achieve?
World domination ofcourse! JK I am just having fun making them. I don't have a particular goal in mind. I'll make them while it's enjoyable

What sort of game would you like to make in the future?
I have a lot of ideas. I can't really say for sure what am I going to make. Currently working on Seven:Reboot and a small side project called "Village Operating System"

Can you actually beat isolation?, is there another ending?, if so, HOW!?
There are no other endings. It supposed to have some but the game turned out kinda depressing. I don't want to spread negativity, so I just uploaded whatever was made at the time.

There is only one ending, but there is one easter egg. There is something on the game's page...

Is it me or your website is broken?
---Waiting for answer---


is there a way to decode the �'s? if so please inform me on this decoder.

How Did You Come Up With Your Name, CEG
I had a youtube let's play channel with an untranslatable name "Тортоед Тортоедович". That is a very dumb and random name :D I don't remember how I came up with it. Can be translated as first name: CakeEater, dad's name: CakeEater. And then I decided to make games and that's how Cake Eater Games was created

What Do The ?s In The Seven Page Say?
� ���� ���� ��� ��� � ���� ����� ��� � �� ��� ����� �� ���� ��� ��������.

What do you use to program video games?
A lot of things. Currently using C# and monogame

Can you tell how to do the diagram puzzle in Seven been trying to figured it out for a while can't seem to get to work. Also in room 3 jumping in 3 4 3 1 in order puzzle doesn't seem to work is this some glitch or am i missing something
Just as I've said "...I really don't want you to play it..." I don't remember how to solve that puzzle. I think it was something about making all the parts equal. About 3431. It is a save glitch and I think you can't do anything about it. Playing the game from the beginning in one go without closing the game might help. But again, just don't play it. Seven:Reboot is gonna be out somewhat soon(year or 2), and there is going to be another playtest for those who are interested

What price do you think Seven: Reboot will be?
$Seven of course. But I am not sure

Will your newest project, "Seven: Reboot" have easter eggs of your truly greatest work, Loading Screen Simulator?
Sounds like a good idea. I might add some

how the hecc do you get speedrun achievement on lss
There are like 3 guides for that on steam community forums. What Is wrong with you people :D

in lss why shindows used instead of just windows? lisencing issue? i dont know
I renamed it just to be safe. I am not sure if I had to but I did it anyway. +There is a veeery old Russian meme about shindows. It is about a very angry guy screaming how much he hates to reinstall shindows every day or so becouse of errors.

Music used in
Lensko - Cetus.
You should download Shazam.

What do you study?
Software engineering and IT

What was the first game you made?
Look here

I saw you play geometry dash in your steam achivements, and I do too! So I'm asking how good in geometry dash would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10? I rate myself a 1.
don't know about 1-10 but I can say that I've beaten all main levels and can beat a simple daemon lvl. But I don't play anymore. Not my type of game

Can you make a Loading screen simulator 2
Yes. I can.
But am I gonna?

Will the seven flash game solution be released when the competition ends?
No. The puzzle will be deleated

Why are there black spots on the cake?
Oh those are just blackholes. Don't worry about it.

How many people have found the "something"?
not many

please some hints for the seven flash game (aside from hint.png)
If that is not enough for you, then you better find something else to do. Not your type of puzzle

Is the "something" still open?

do you think it is possible to get the "speedrun achievement on lss without autoclick
No, I don't think so

So I have an interest in making games to and have already made a couple demo versions of ideas on a game making website. I was looking for something a bit better though. What did you use to make your games?
It is writen on the front page of the website...
"Right now, for coding, I am using С# + MonoGame and I also used to work with ActionScript, Java, C++, and a lot of other stuff."

If you are asking for a tool to make games, then I can't tell you because I don't like tools. If you want to learn how to code, try Pyhton.

Why u created this game?
Can you please be a little bit more specific? Wich one? I make games to express myself, to tell my ideas through gameplay and to make people happy. A vague answer to a vague question.

So, Seven:Reboot is gonna be Free To Play? Or i will need to pay for it?
No, Seven is not going to be free. I am spending hundreds of hours of my spare time to make it. Hard work should be rewarded. But the game is going to be relatively cheap. standard indie game price

Will you release a game that envovles clicking cake?
I hope not. Sounds like a boring game to me. Please don't think of me as a dev who makes casual games. If the only game i published on steam is a clicker game doesn't mean that I make clicker games

Will you give me the URL to the flash game or is it secret? Also, is the flash game anywhere obvious because my flash might not load :|
Okay... I have no idea why people struggle so much with finding it. type 1234567.
Or I can just do it for you
The puzzle was up for a long time but not a lot of people have solved it... and I kinda need more testers :D At this point I don't mind giving hints

So, I have been doing the puzzle on Seven: Reboot and I have gotten to the hint.png picture. Can you give me a hint on it? Binary? Morse Code? I dont know!
This is not binary and not a morse code. It is linked directly to the flash game that you can find on the "Project Seven" website. "???" button above

When is Loading Screen Simulator 2 coming out?
God, please, no

Where did you learn to code?
I learned to code at a programming club in our school. It was very fun for a while but then I became smarter then our teacher and there was nothing left to learn. That's why I started to experiment with code in my free time, and then things started to happend by themself. I started to learn more from forums, youtube tutorials, lectures, books, convention pannels, code meme groups... a little bit here and there.

If you are looking for a place to start then It would be great if somebody you know could teach you the basics. If it is not possible then try searching some tutorials on youtube and just start to write some stuff. And PLEASE DON'T BUY A COURSE ONLINE. You won't learn anything this way.

why cake is not a lie
Try googling it. It is a reference to portal.

What game engine do you use? I'm trying to get into coding, and I don't know what engine to choose.
Are you sure that you are using the word 'Engine' correctly? If you want to get into coding then you don't need an engine. You need a programming language(C# is okay). If you want to make games you need a game engine.
I can't help you with your question becouse I have never used any game engines. I write my own small engines for specific types of games

Can you have a estimated month when Seven will come out? I love puzzle games and hope that this will be a good one.
I'm afraid I can't. I am a university student and I have almost no spare time during this part of a year. I tried to make Seven and study at the same time, and I failed at both... Things will be more clear after the end of this summer. I have a lot of ideas and I am ready to work non-stop for a couple of months. But first I have to try to not get expelled.
Seven:Reboot will be an unusual but a good puzzle game. Keep waiting ;)

---Waiting for answer---

<b>just wondering, no harm intended. the website looks handmade, so...</b>


Are you a bad boy
---Waiting for answer---

I know it’s a bit late, but I just saw your video “2”. Will you really be doing all of the collision with rectangles?
He he he. Yes I will :)
I've made me a small usefull tool that will break any 2-color image to a list of rectangles. I have a HUUGE file that has a set of rectangles for every room layout in the game. It is surprisingly easy to add and modify rooms that way.

Why do you upload swf files instead of winrar files with .exe programs?
Becouse most of the browsers can open swf files. You don't need to download anything.

Can you interview yourself in a video?
Depends on what you mean by that but I am planning to make a video about the development process of Seven and tell how the finished game is going to look like and what you can do in it.

Please do a dab simulator

Do a dab simulator

wat is LSS
Loading Screen Simulator ._.

Has all of the "something" for Seven:Reboot been claimed?
Yes, but there were only 4 people. You can still try to solve the puzzle

what is your favorite game you have made?
I actually have no idea ._. They are all so different. I guess the one I am working right nnow. Seven: Reboot

can i have some cake?
Nope, I ate it all >:)

I like loading screen simulator. Often i play this game if im bored but thats keeping me up. THANK YOU <3
Everytime someone give compliments to this game I feel terrible. Becouse that is the worst game I have ever made

Would it be ok if I made games like you?(for example if you were good at making clicker games then I would like to be good at clicker games)
Why wouldn't it be okay :D? Do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy.

Are you thinking of starting any new or big projects? After Seven is seems it would be a good idea.
I have several ideas of what I am gonna do after Seven. But for now I can't say for sure.

Are we alowed to make let´s play videos from your games?
Yes. I don't mind

Are you still active?

кто писал код для страницы Project seven и откуда там css касперского , кнопка с недаписаным кодом доната и что самое странное сылки которые ведут вообще не к 7
Can't tell you

Where do we send screenshots to receive the seven game.

Are you the cake lord?
Yes :D

Regarding project Seven, how would I know (Even slightly suspect) that I'd found the "Something"? Because I've found a couple things, but...
If you will "find" it you will be proud of yourself. It is not going to be easy. There is going to be a congratulation screen.

Do you ever expect to leave Russia? If it is the case, where you going? Salutes from Mexico
Haven't thought about it yet

are you interested in/planning on helping others learn to make games?
I am thinking about helping people to start pogramming but first of all I need to help myself to finish projects that i've started

How often do you program? Just curious :)
I used to write code almost every day but now I just don't have enough time for that. University is taking it all

Hey you! Yes you, Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great time with your family or whoever you are in Russia, greetings friend. :)
"your family or whoever you are in Russia" Wow... just wow. Thanks... I guess

"It's so long I can even write a book about it" Do it.
I might write(film) something autobiographical if i'll achive something. But for now I am just gonna focus on studying and making games.

hello Where are you from? What languages do you know? How old are you?
I am from Russia, Yuzhno Sakhalinsk. My birthday is 17.02.1999 (I am 18 currnetly). My native language is Russian, and I learned English by watching youtube :P.

How did you get the idea of making games and did you evere expect it to get on steam?
Well, I wanted to make games since I was a kid. And steam was im my plans since I registered there. It is a very long story. It's so long I can even write a book about it

What do you use to make your games?
I mostly use "Adobe Animate CC" and paintNET. And some other things.

Nice BigFace ;)
Congratulation on finding a secret :) If you'l keep searching you will find even more

How many 12 year olds threatened to sue you because they raged a one of your games?
None. Can you sue people for that?!

Yes hello why is Loading Screen Simulator so cool? Thanks
I don't know. I don't understand why a lot of people like it. It is such a silly thing... Whatever. As long as people having fun whith it it's okay

Hey waddup I have a question. Does the God exist?
Can't say for sure. But if it exist then it probably doesn't care about us, people.

Have you heard of the high elves?
Googled it, couldn't find anything interesting.

Do you realize that your game "lss" is maybe the best meme you can find on Steam?
Hah I think you are right. We memed hard :) Of course there are other memes on steam but I think that LSS is at least top 10

ТЫ делаешь игру?
Да, делаю ремэйк Seven

Not a question, my friend :)

cake is not a lie